The World of Sounds

A tornado of noises
surrounds me, devours me.
A storm of sounds
envelops me
and forms a cage from which
my thoughts can’t escape.

People, all around me
Who pelt me with meaningless words
and expect me to lower my walls
To stand, armed only with my silence
and defend myself against their blows.

This world, this age, this time,
Is for those who speak
For those who talk.
Silence, is lost here.
The ones whose thoughts
are so loud within
that their voices go quiet,
are unwelcome here.
Out of place and unnoticed they go,
Seeing all, hearing all, and knowing all.

But, in this world of sounds,
What the loud ones don’t realize
Is that silence speaks the loudest
And that sometimes,
Silence is the most deafening of all.


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