Backwaters of Lake Tso Moriri, Leh, India

This August saw this introvert in true introvert heaven, Leh. Amid vast expanses of water, looking at the horizon with graceful cerulean skies juxtaposed perfectly by the rock solid mountains. Just rock solid because I can’t limit the mountains, in all their majesty, to just one color.  This part of the lake was just a short hike from our first campsite, but a place where I would like to have lived forever. Silence met me like an old friend and encompassed me in its serene wholeness. Silence, so complete and pristine that even the wind dared not whisper and break the spell. Arriving at a time where the weather in my mind was stormy, this was a welcome reprieve from the noise that usually follows humans. The silence filled me with such joy that I was practically buoyant. I was happy, in the truest, purest sense of the word.

My face wouldn’t agree to stop smiling, to stop breathing in the air laced with silent notes of melodious harmony, my eyes wouldn’t bear to be torn away from the sight of such perfect tranquility, where even time stood still as I gazed over the expanse of peace. The water gave up its identity for just a little while to serve as a mirror for the gorgeous landscape that surrounded it, acknowledging that the sight was so breathtaking it needed to be replicated. It showed me that while humans get used to beauty, nature doesn’t. The water doesn’t mind losing itself once in a while just to exemplify something beautiful, it doesn’t let its pride over being one of the greatest forces of nature dominate over its selflessness. Its selflessness in lending its being to its surroundings so that something that was merely pretty becomes the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

It was on this trip that I realized that this place had become my temple; I felt closer to whatever supreme force (if any) drives this universe because there was no other way I could explain the pure, unadulterated beauty I found there. This trip also showed, or rather shoved, a mirror in front of my feelings which have always occupied a humble little room in the back of my mind and made me realize that I was in love. With the mountains, with the lakes, with the sky, with the very air that blew through that place. The lake calmed my mind, soothing it until the storm within lulled into a gentle breeze. A breeze that still blows whenever I reminisce, because such is the power of beauty and peace, and an introverted mind which does not permit itself to get used to wonders.

Here’s hoping you stop to admire the beautiful sights around you once in a while, and that you find peace within whatever mirror you see.

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