The seasons and me

I can be the sun on a spring day,
Warm and fun so you’ll stay.
But I can shine on with no respite,
Killing you before you fight.

I can be the sea on a summer noon,
Relief from heat, feel like a boon.
But I can drown you just as quick,
Draw you in with a mere flick. 


I can be the breeze of an autumn eve,

So soft and nice before you thieve.
Then I can shake down all the leaves
From your tree of life before I leave.


I can be the snowflake on a winter night,
Melting on touch and pure white.
But I can turn to hail as you blink your eye,
Wound you bad when you lie.
I’m the spring sun and summer sea,
Winter ice and autumn breeze.
Sweet as sugar when you’re nice,
While the devil’s hiding in plain sight. 😉

2 thoughts on “The seasons and me

  1. This is incredible, you are a talented writer. Its hard to take on a rhyme scheme without being cheesy but you wove it in with your seasons metaphor with both style and ease. I’ve never been able to write poetry without feeling stilted and pretentious so I’m jealous of your skill. Great job.


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