Care to jump?

Image result for skydiving lake wanakaIf someone handed you a parachute and asked you to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft, would you? Before contemplating the apparent impossibility of the answer being ‘yes’, think about this: There are people who have done it (like me), there are people who are doing it right at this very moment (if the weather permits), and there are people who will be doing it.
I’m sure that by now, you would have guessed that I am referring to one of the most thrilling adventure sports, skydiving. I have tried it once, and summing it up in a word, it was breathtaking. The site? Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.
It was a ‘heavenly’ experience. When you stand ready, about to jump down, there are no words to describe how it feels. The adrenaline rush, the thrill, the feeling of looking at the face of life and death at the same time, you feel more alive than you have ever felt before, but you are also more aware of your closeness to death at the same time. I jumped from the height of 15,000 feet , and the view I got was one of the best ones I have ever seen. 
First is the freefall which lasts for about a minute, but the feeling is one you remember throughout your life. The wind rushing by, the Earth getting bigger and closer, thrilled to the bone and amazed by the view. You feel like a bird, knowing what it must feel like to spread your wings and fly. Now if I had been given a choice, I would have stayed a bird. Surprisingly, the idea of going SPLAT on the Earth’s crust doesn’t disturb you then. Then, the parachute opens and you slow down, getting to see the beauty at leisure. You glide over the air as all the wind in the world comes to greet the new, unidentified and unnatural trespasser of their domain. The feeling is indescribable….the sheer joy of having been able to see such a view renders you utterly speechless.
I recommend that if you get a chance to do it, you should definitely try it. But you know what they say, if you don’t get it right the first time, skydiving is not for you!

3 thoughts on “Care to jump?

  1. I’ve always wanted to skydive but I haven’t gotten the opportunity yet. Now you have me excited!
    Your descriptions of the view and your emotions and your experience on a whole really captured me.


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